This article lists all locations in the Factions campaign by the following tree structure.


FactionsTownIcon sml 城鎮
FactionsArenaIcon sml 競技場
FactionsGuildHallIcon sml 公會大廳
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 據點
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 主線任務
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 挑戰任務
POI Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found under: Locations (by Type)

As several areas of the game are initially "locked" or inaccessible even though you have found their portal, comments are being added noting how to "unlock" or gain access those areas. Other areas can only be "discovered" or reached by completing certain missions or arriving at other locations. Comments on those are being added as well. See Factions Area Unlocking.


FactionsTownIcon sml 星岬寺
FactionsArenaIcon sml 星岬競技場
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 蘇梅村
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 周大臣村莊(主線任務) ...(地區) ...(探索區域)
POI模板:Kaabo Cemetery
POI模板:Lake Puang
POI模板:Shrine of Maat
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 嵐穆蘇花園
POI模板:Onghsang Island
POI模板:Seijun Woods
POI模板:Tomaat Pass
POI模板:Kaitan Village
POI模板:Raiyan Cave
POI模板:Qi Falls
POI模板:Port Kaimu
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 青函港
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 禎台郡(主線任務) ...(地區) ...(探索區域)
POI模板:Daochu Village
POI模板:Hanzing Pier
POI模板:Jatin Village
POI模板:Linkei Township
POI模板:Teipoa Island}
POI模板:Yuroso Island


FactionsTownIcon sml 凱寧中心
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 薇茹廣場(外地區域) - Unlocked by Welcome to Cantha quest for Tyrian and Elonian Characters
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 萊蘇閣(地區) - Unlocked by 奪回皇宮 quest
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 帝國聖所 - Discovered by completing Raisu Palace mission
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 龍喉(地區) - Discovered by completing 薇如廣場(合作性主線任務) mission
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 市集
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 納普區(地區) - Unlocked by 模板:Closer to the Stars quest
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 薇茹廣場(本地區域)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 山吉之街 - Discovered by completing 納普區 mission
POI模板:The Roost
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 譚納凱神殿 - Unlocked by 前往譚納凱神殿quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 辛庫走廊 - Discovered by completing 譚納凱神殿 mission
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 譚納凱神殿(地區)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 麻都堡壘


FactionsOutpostIcon sml 譚格塢樹林
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 亭石(主線任務) - Unlocked by 模板:The Count's Daughter quest.
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 奧楚蘭廢墟 - Discovered by completing 亭石(主線任務) mission.
POI 模板:Zu Brauer Amber Reserve
FactionsTownIcon sml 鳳荷議院(地區) - Unlocked by 模板:Journey to House zu Heltzer quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 楊木大門(庳茲柯)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 楊木要塞(庫茲柯)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 路嘉帝斯溫室
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 聖者安捷卡的祭壇
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 巴爾學院
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 永恆之林(地區) - Unlocked by 模板:The Defenders of the Forest quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 翡翠淺灘(庫茲柯)
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 翡翠礦場(庫茲柯)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 維思柏兵營 - Discovered by completing 永恆之林 (主線任務) mission.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 杜漢姆卷藏室
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 沉睡之水(合作性主線任務) - Unlocked by 模板:Into the Whirlpool quest.
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 亞馬茲盆地

碧玉海 編輯

FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 風神海床(主線任務)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 佐席洛斯水道 - Discovered by completing 模板:Boreas Seabed mission
FactionsTownIcon sml 卡瓦隆 - Unlocked by 模板:Journey to Cavalon quest.
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 斷崖谷
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 翡翠淺灘(勒克森)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 翡翠礦場(勒克森)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 楊木大門(勒克森)
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 楊木要塞(勒克森)
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 拜巴蘇區域
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 爾雷登平地
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 蓋拉孵化所 - Unlocked by the 模板:Stolen Eggs quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 利拜亞森礦場 - Discovered by completing 蓋拉孵化所 mission
POI模板:Creon Jade Mine
FactionsChallengeMissionIcon sml 奧里歐斯礦坑
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 航海者休憩處
FactionsCoopMissionIcon sml 沉睡之水(合作性主線任務) - Unlocked by the 模板:Journey to the Whirlpool quest
FactionsOutpostIcon sml 豐收神殿
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