This article lists all locations in the Nightfall campaign by the following tree structure.


NightfallTownIcon sml 城鎮
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 據點
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 主線任務
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml 挑戰任務
NightfallEliteMissionIcon sml 精英任務
NightfallArenaIcon sml Arena
NightfallPOI sml Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found under: Locations (by Type)


NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 夏貝克村莊 (任務) ... (地區)
NightfallTownIcon sml 卡瑪丹‧艾斯坦之鑽
NightfallArenaIcon sml Sunspear Arena
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 領事館碼頭 (任務) ... (地區)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 日戟大會堂
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 勇士曙光
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 亞斯特拉利姆
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 別克諾港
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 卓坎諾挖掘點 (任務) ... (地區)
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 黑潮之穴(任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI smlFahranur
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 克拓努‧哈姆雷特
NightfallPOI smlMonument of Dahlah
NightfallPOI smlMonument of Nahlah


NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 凡特墓地 (主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml 達卡港 (挑戰任務) ... (地區)
NightfallTownIcon sml 日戟避難所
NightfallPOI smlArkjok
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 納度灣 (主線任務) ...(地區)
NightfallPOI sml Ronjok
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 猶郎避難所
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 波甘驛站 (主線任務) ...(地區)
NightfallPOI smlGandara
NightfallPOI smlBokoss Prison
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 科登諾路口(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 何加努營地
NightfallPOI smlDejarin Estate
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 里歐恩難民營(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI smlFortress of Jahai
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 摩多克裂縫(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI smlMahnkelon Ward
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 薇恩平臺


NightfallOutpostIcon sml 隱密教堂
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 雅諾爾市集
NightfallPOI sml Elon River
NightfallPOI sml Jahinur
NightfallPOI sml Pojah Estates
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 霍奴爾丘陵
NightfallPOI sml Grand Forum of Vabb
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 征戰群落(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 玄武岩石穴
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 提亞克林地(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallTownIcon sml 庫丹西市集廣場
NightfallPOI sml Sebelkeh Basilica
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 希貝克大宮廷(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI sml Garden of Seborhin
NightfallPOI sml Dzalana
NightfallPOI sml 薩崗堡壘
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 薩崗諾稜堡(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI sml 舟克辛大廳
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 米哈努小鎮
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 達沙走廊(主線任務) ... (地區)


NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 荒無之地入口(主線任務) 荒無之地入口(地區)
NightfallPOI smlGate of Desolation
NightfallPOI smlSulfurous Wastelands
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml 薩拉加遺址(主線任務) 薩拉加遺址(地區)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 模板:Bone Palace
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 模板:Lair of the Forgotten
NightfallOutpostIcon sml 模板:The Mouth of Torment
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml 模板:Ruins of Morah (Mission) 模板:Ruins of Morah (Location)


TormentTownIcon sml 苦痛之門
TormentChallengeMissionIcon sml 陰鬱核心(精英任務) ... (地區)
TormentOutpostIcon sml 夜蝕闇殞領地之門
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml 懲罰之門(主線任務) ... (地區)
TormentOutpostIcon sml 恐懼之門
TormentOutpostIcon sml 奧秘之門
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml 瘋狂之門(主線任務) ... (地區)
NightfallPOI sml六真神神殿
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml 亞霸頓之門(主線任務) ... (地區)

Domain of Anguish (sub-region)編輯

NightfallEliteMissionIcon sml 悲難之門(主線任務) ... (地區) ... (探索區域)
NightfallPOI smlThe Ebony Citadel of Mallyx
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