Protector is a title, that you can display for prestige.

Mission completion title track

These titles are granted to a character for completing all missions of a campaign at the highest possible reward level

Title1 Campaign Missions completed: Req. Reward Level
Protector of Tyria 首部曲 252 Primary objectives plus Bonus
Protector of Cantha 二部曲 13 Master's Reward
Protector of Elona 三部曲 20 Master's Reward
1 The titles listed above are all individual and independent title tracks, with only one level each. Each of them counts towards the "Kind Of A Big Deal" title track.
2 Inclusive of the Doppelganger battle.


As of the February 1st 2007 Update these titles when not maxed say: "You will earn the Protector of [Continent] title when you have completed both the primary and secondary objectives of all "X" missions. You will earn the Guardian of [Continent] title once you have completed them again on hard mode." It is not yet known what "Hard Mode" is, but it is implied and heavily speculated that it will be included in an upcoming update.

激戰 頭銜
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