05-Borlis Pass






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一開始和拿者火把的阿斯卡隆警衛 海登對談。他會交給你火把然後你必須要帶著它完成任務的前半部分。拿到火把後你必須點燃暴風烽火臺,一直到預見阿斯卡隆警衛 托理斯為止。在這部分應該不會遭遇到太多困難。

First off, you want to talk to 阿斯卡隆警衛 海登 who is holding the torch. He will pass the torch to you and you'll have to carry it throughout the first part of the mission. You need to light the storm beacons until you come to 阿斯卡隆警衛 托理斯 (A on the map). You shouldn't have too much trouble against the centaur patrols.


When you reach the second guard, he'll open the gate and you'll receive a new objective, which tells you to stop the siege by destroying the ballistas. Simply follow the path. Grab a dwarven keg and blow the gate open when you reach it (B on the map). Here you'll meet your first two ballistas, which are guarded by a boss (point C on the map). After defeating the 怪, run to the left and hit the lever to access the next area. (To activate the bonus, run further left and use a keg to blow open the doors where a dwarf is imprisoned.)


The next part is straightforward. Fight your way through the enemies to break the siege. Destroy the two ballistas as well (D on the map). You'll meet up with Rurik and go through a short movie, where King Jalis Ironhammer will give you another torch. Run across the bridge and turn left and you'll eventually get to three storm beacons guarded by 石峰獸騎士s (E on the map). Once these three beacons are lit, the mission is over.

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To get the bonus, free and speak to 洛奈科斯通萊基, the Dwarf at point 1 on the map. He will ask you to slay the Ice Drake.


The Ice Drake is 羽風暴威斯卡. His cave is made accessible using the dwarven powder kegs. Bring a keg and set it up against the planks of wood that are directly behind and to the right of Rornak Stonesledge. Once this barricade is destroyed, there is nothing to hold the snow blocking the pass to the left of Rornak, and it will slide down the hill and out of your way. If it does not melt away, bring more kegs and place them.


There are mostly 霜火蛛化精靈s on the way to the Ice Drake, and the beast itself is not too taxing (2 on the map). The dryders can place a strain on healers if not tackled effectively, as they cause collective group health degeneration with the 苦難 spell.


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