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Fort Ranik was the facility used by the Ascalon military to train new soldiers to fight in the Guild Wars. When the wars ended, the fort itself, like most other buildings in 阿斯卡隆, had been almost completely destroyed. All that remians are the outer walls and the memories of what once was.



Mission Objectives 編輯

Retake the Great Northern Wall.

Primary 編輯

This mission is straightforward until you reach the ballistae. Near the ballistae (and conveniently within range of their fire) are large groups of Charr; rushing in and 吸引ing them would be suicide. Talk to 模板:Siegemaster Lormar (B on the map). He will tell you that that the ballistae are broken, but he can fix them if you bring him three working parts. Gather these parts from the wreckages (marked C on the map). After all three parts are returned and the ballista restored, fire it and watch destruction rain upon the fifteen-strong group of Charr right below the ledge you are standing on.

The second ballista is working (point D on the map). If you fire it quickly, you may be lucky and kill the final boss, completing the mission. Otherwise, it's a case of luring out the 夏爾 into the blast pit of the ballista. If you approach cautiously, staying out of 吸引 range, the groups will come to the blast pit and stay there long enough to eat fiery death.

Once you have a clear path to the wall, go marching in and kill the boss. Enjoy the ending cutscene.

Bonus 編輯

You get the bonus objective from 模板:Master Armin Saberlin after you clear the initial 夏爾 platoon (including a boss). If Saberlin does not survive, you will not see the bonus objective in your quest log, though you can still get the reward. The bonus objective is to rescue 模板:Trooper Deeter Saberlin from his cage at point 2 on the map. His cage is guarded by two 夏爾監督者s who use 區域治癒 to keep each other alive. There are many strategies for defeating them – fight them up close to benefit from their heals, hex them with 魔力反噬 to neutralize the healing effect, interrupt their heals with 擊倒 attacks or 強力釘刺 (which you can obtain from 瓦薩 in an early post-searing mesmer quest), or improvise your own strategy.

Bosses and Skills編輯

The following bosses can be found in this mission:

Additional Notes 編輯

The quest 給妻子的訊息 is found in this mission. Talk to 古爾布蘭斯通 to receive it. He can be found to the west of the first building up on the hill (A on the map).

The players will be in 邊境關所 at the completion of this mission.

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