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04-Nolani Academy



None of Ascalon's academies of magic remain intact after the 崩壞. In its prime, the academy in Nolani was known all across Tyria as one of the most prestigious schools of magic on the entire continent. Ambassadors from 歐爾 and 科瑞塔 often made special arrangements to have their children study here, even though they were not of Ascalon descent.



Mission Objectives 編輯

Return 盧瑞克王子 south of the Wall to safety.

  • Sneak out and ambush the 夏爾 forces besieging the academy.
  • Return to the 若拉尼學院 to rendezvous with the prince.
  • Defend 盧瑞克王子 on the way back to the capital city of 瑞恩.
  • BONUS Return the Tome of the Fallen.
  • ADDED Take Stormcaller to Horn Hill.
  • ADDED Save Rin.

Primary 編輯

The idea in the first part is to sneak out and attack the siege forces from the back. Just start going east, and then south, until you reach the wall. Upon descending from the wall, keep right and then left to get back to Rurik. While approaching the 模板:Mobile object in front of Rurik, a group of 3 archers will come down from the left/west, which can be a great help through the rest of the mission if you keep them alive. Kill all Charr at location B on the map and get Rurik at location C on the map. Basically, you then just keep up with Rurik and help him. Try not to get overwhelmed, as there are some large groups of mobs.

Alternatively, the first part of the mission can be done by opening the doors of the academy and keeping Rurik alive while killing the Charr that rush in. Rurik can survive if healed, and area effect spells make the Charr easier to kill. Keeping near the walls of the academy can help, as the Charr will sometimes separate into smaller groups. Not all the Charr will come into the academy, so you will still have to go out and kill some groups. Once the Charr have been beaten, meet with Rurik and follow the mission as otherwise described. This method is potentially much faster but more difficult. It also bypasses the bonus, so you will have to fight your way backwards (in relation to the path above) through part of the mission to reach it.

Rurik will first take you to the horn 模板:Stormcaller and then lead you to Rin, where you will take on successive groups of Charr, culminating in a boss.

Bonus 編輯

You get this bonus fairly near to the start by exploring east before reaching the wall (1 on the map). There is a "green dot" there (模板:Watchman Pramas), who will give you the bonus and drop the "Tome of the Fallen". Get a caster to pick this up and carry it (casters don't need their hands free to cast and therefore make the best carriers of items).

Continue south and head towards the wall. Go down the stairs, do not cross the gate, but continue all the way west instead. Keep left and pass west up the hill. Here it can get very nasty, especially if you have a bad group where folks rush ahead. If someone rushes ahead, you will get mobbed and the group will probably wipe. First, explore the area surrounding the 模板:Spirit of the Fallen carefully, as there are a lot of groups of hidden level 8 s there. Once cleared, you have somewhere safe to take on the Spirits of the Fallen. Lure out the warriors as few at a time as possible. Done badly, you will get 8-10 level 10 warriors, and it gets very nasty; done carefully, with luck you will only get 3-4 at a time. After 10 or so are dead, it is safe to get closer to the pedestal. Replace the tome on the pedestal, and talk to the ghost 模板:Old Ascalon Spirit. That will make the ghosts disappear and get you the bonus.

If you can, try heading up the left-hand entrance and sidle up against the wall there. Often it results in having to fight groups of only 2-3 at most.

Note: Placing the tome on the pedestal will not instantly make the ghosts disappear. Any that are already attacking your group will do so for long enough to cause serious trouble. So, make sure not to draw the attention of more ghosts when approaching the pedestal. Alternatively, have someone who has equipped a skill that allows faster movement (e.g., 衝刺 or 閃避) place the tome, and have them get out quickly once it's placed.

Note: The lever that opens the doors to the initial fort cannot be operated from outside, on the south side of the doors.

頭目 編輯

Additional Notes編輯

The players will be in 犛牛村 at the completion of this mission.

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