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03-Ruins of Surmia



Just outside of 北方長城 lie the ruins of a once great city. This was Surmia, one of the kingdom of 阿斯卡隆's cultural and economic centers. Built in a time of great optimism, the founders laughed at any who critized the wisdom of placing a city outside the protection of the Wall.



Mission Objectives 編輯

Rescue the soldiers taken prisoner by the 夏爾.

Primary 編輯

Follow the prince, taking it as slow as possible, since the prince has a tendency to rush off and get everyone into too much 吸引. Particularly when fighting the Charr, some groups can get too large otherwise. Eventually, after looping over the "river", you will find three prison cages alongside the river (point A on the map). Each cage is guarded by a group with a boss. Make sure to clear out these groups first, as Rurik will head for the prison to open it the moment he is near it. The last prison is guarded by s, so it's not as open as it looks. Upon freeing the last group, you get the first cut-scene.

A short journey later, you arrive at the drawbridge, where Rurik decides to wait with the recently-released Erol (point B on the map). To cross, you need to loop south and east, north, back west along the river under the drawbridge and then round to the right. Pull the lever to bring the bridge down. After opening the drawbridge, follow Rurik to the mages. (If you choose to do the bonus, there is a shortcut from the bonus location to the lever.)

If you close the door using the two levers after entering the "final area", you may save some trouble. Basically, the 怪s come at you in groups of 3 or 4, one group at a time. If you keep a single member of each group alive for a while, it can delay the arrival of the next group and allow time to heal up a bit. Finally, a group with a boss will arrive. Kill him to complete the mission.

Prince Rurik must survive.

Bonus 編輯

Just after leaving Prince Rurik at the bridge, and heading south and then east, you arrive at 布麗娜 斯帝文森 (point 1 on the map) who has been held prisoner in the middle of nowhere for two years. She gives you the bonus after you free her by killing the charr 頭目 near her. At this time, a group of 夏爾火焰搬運者s appears just south of you. Do not kill them yet. Follow them, taking care to stay out of aggro range, until a gate opens for them to pass through (2 on the map). Once the gate opens you can kill them. The Temple keepers are at the top of the hill inside the gate and cast 火焰風暴. Kill them to complete the bonus (point 3 on the map). At the bottom of the hill, there is a second gate that leads to a shortcut to the other side of the drawbridge (point 4 on the map).

Note: If you kill the Ember Bearers too soon, all paths leading to the temple will be locked.

Skill Capture編輯

Bosses and Skills編輯

The following bosses can be encountered during the 蘇米亞廢墟 mission:

Additional Notes 編輯

Before doing this mission, pick up the 阿斯卡隆的城市 quest from 書記賽門 in 阿斯卡隆城(崩壞後). One of the "historical monuments" for the quest is located two-thirds of the way into this mission, just before opening the drawbridge (C on the map). The Cities of Ascalon quest is worth 1000 經驗值. After completing it, you can receive the 模板:Symon's History of Ascalon quest from 文件管理員拉斯丁, an easy quest worth 2000 XP.

The players will be in 若拉尼學院 at the completion of this mission.

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