Titles are an in-game representation of various achievements.

A character's title is displayed with his name in a mouse-over pop-up to follow players. You can display only one title at a time, although you can have several titles that you are working towards concurrently. Each title has its own title progression bar that is displayed in the Hero Window.

Some titles are earned per account while some are per character.

Many titles are merely for prestige, but some provide an actual in-game advantage. See individual title descriptions for details.

Available Titles編輯

The following titles are currently available:

章節 Account-based Character-based





For a complete overview, including the progression of all titles, see: Title overview

激戰 頭銜
版圖 勇士(公會戰頭銜) 指揮官(英雄對戰頭銜) 阿斯卡隆保衛者 酒鬼 二張陣營軍階 節慶 鬥士 英雄 光明 幸運星/倒楣鬼 Maxed titles 守護者 技能獵人 甜食 日戟 生存者 寶箱獵人 智慧者