Codex競技場是一個4v4的組隊PvP模式。「Codex」指的是僅能使用一部分的技能,且所有的精英技能只有主職業可以使用,隊伍中不能有相同主職業的兩名玩家。這個競技場在2009年10月22日的更新之後取代了隊伍競技場以及英雄對戰,在較早的官方情報中稱為「Sealed Deck」對戰模式。

Codex 編輯

The Codex is the list of skills that Codex Arena players must choose from. To keep things interesting, we'll change the skills in The Codex each day at [11:01 PM] Pacific (7:01 UTC). When The Codex changes over, we'll let you know by sending a chat message to all players in the Codex Arena outpost.

If you're playing a match when the daily skills change, you can finish your match. Once the match is completed, you will be sent back to the outpost, and must select from the current day's skills in The Codex before playing again.


獎勵 編輯


Reward 巴薩澤榮譽值
擊殺 40
5 連勝 50
5 連勝 1
10 連勝 2
15 連勝 3
20 連勝 4
Every 5 wins thereafter 4

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